One handed pepper mill is “One hand Cool Grinder”

Pepper is an essential seasoning for cooking and is used frequently in every household.

Powdered pepper sold in ground form is convenient because it can be sprinkled on quickly, but it loses much of its flavor*.

On the other hand, if you buy whole pepper and grind it in a pepper mill, it takes a little more time, but the flavor is definitely better.

The use of a pepper mill is recommended because it is an easy way to improve the flavor and aroma of everyday dishes!

Among these pepper mills, we would like to introduce the “one hand grindable salt & pepper set” from one hand cool grinder.

This is a popular product because it can easily grind pepper and rock salt with one hand and is stylish and fashionable looking!

*About the flavor of pepper
The components that give pepper its flavor are volatile, so ground, powdered pepper loses much of its flavor over time, The flavor of ground and powdered pepper can be lost over time.

One handed pepper mill! Features and Usage

Size:5.9inch high, 1inch wide
Other: Stand included

The set of two mills can be used for daily cooking by adding rock salt and pepper.

The best feature of this salt and pepper mill is that, as the name suggests, it can be used to grind salt and pepper with one hand.

The top of the mill can be easily ground by simply pressing the top of the mill with your thumb, so you can quickly sprinkle salt and pepper with one hand while cooking.

It is very convenient to use it without worrying if your other hand is occupied with chopsticks, tongs, or other cooking utensils.

It is compact and space-saving, so it does not get in the way at the dining table, and it is convenient to use quickly when you want to sprinkle additional salt and pepper!

It looks stylish, so it looks great in the kitchen or on the dining table.

The body is mostly stainless steel, which gives it a luxurious look, and the partially transparent part allows you to see the pepper and rock salt you put inside, which is also stylish.

After use, it can be stored in the stand, so it does not fall over easily and is functional as a receptacle for shavings.

When refilling, disassemble and refill as shown in the photo below.

The slot is narrow, so be careful not to spill pepper.

One handed pepper mill! Check the comfort of use

To use the salt and pepper mill, push the top of the unit with your thumb as shown in the video below.

As for the speed of grinding, it is slower than the gurgling and rotating type pepper mills.

Personally, I recommend keeping it at the table rather than in the kitchen and using it to add saltiness or to sprinkle pepper just before eating for flavor.

Grinding pepper just before eating will give you the best flavor!

<About the coarseness of the ground salt and pepper>

The salt will be fairly fine coarse, easy to blend into the dish.

Pepper has a coarser finish, with a mixture of larger and finer grains.

One handed pepper mill! Reviews

The most common positive reviews and evaluations of the one-hand grinder salt and pepper mill were its good looks and ease of use with one hand!

Cool, changes the atmosphere of the dining room, and eliminates the smell of life.
It’s the coolest thing ever.


One-hand operation and stylish on the tabletop. The receiving table is very nice.
I wanted something like this.


Can be operated with dirty hands or while holding the pan with one hand


I make salad dressings all the time, but I was hoping to be able to adjust the flavor,

I think it would be good to have this on the table so each of us can make it to our own taste!


One of the most common negative reviews of the one-handed salt and pepper mill is that it is a little difficult for women to grind hard rock salt.

Also, some people said that it is difficult to use a large amount of salt.

It is difficult for a woman to use it with one hand.


If you want to use a little, ok, but if you want to use a lot, you’ll have a hard time.



We have introduced the one hand cool grinder one hand grind salt and pepper set.

Features are summarized below.

<Good point>
– It looks stylish and luxurious!

– Convenient to use in the kitchen and at the dining table!

– The stand makes it hard to fall over and keeps shavings from scattering!

<Not good point>
– Grinding speed is slow.

– It is a little hard for women to grind hard rock salt.

We invite you to use our pepper mill and experience the unique flavor of freshly ground pepper!