Electric pepper mill grinder Russell Hobbs is stainless steel and stylish

In this article, we will show you how to use, disassemble, and review the Russell Hobbs Electric Salt & Pepper Mill.

It is stylish and cool looking!

Grinding whole pepper in a pepper mill takes a little more time, but the flavor is definitely better.

In addition, electric mills can be handled with one hand, making it convenient to use quickly while cooking.

We recommend using a pepper mill because it is an easy way to improve the flavor and aroma of your daily dishes!

Please also refer to the information on the new “Russell Hobbs Mini” model.

Features of the electric mill Russell Hobbs, how to use (how to disassemble)

Size: 9.06inch height, 2.36inch width

Stand (saucer) is included.

<How to insert batteries>

It can be opened and closed by twisting the body and aligning the triangle with the key symbol.

Batteries (4 AA batteries x 4) are inserted in this section.

<How to refill pepper and salt>
To refill pepper (salt), twist the lower center of the main body to align the triangle with the key mark, and the container can be disassembled.

Refill the container, twist the lower center of the body again, and assemble it by aligning the triangle and key marks.

The container has a wide mouth for easy filling.

<How to adjust the coarseness>

Twist the bottom of the main unit and align the triangle with the minus mark for the finest coarseness, and align the triangle with the plus mark for the coarsest coarseness. (Adjustable in 5 levels).

It is easy to visually see the current coarseness, so it is easy to adjust the coarseness.

<How to use>

When in use, pepper is ground electrically while the button on the top of the unit is pressed!

<Usability of the stand (saucer)>

The stand is lightweight.

It does not snap into place just by placing it on the stand.

If the place where you place it is fixed, it is easy to use because you can quickly take it out because it is not a tight-fitting lid.

Comfort of using the electric mill Russell Hobbs

As mentioned above, to grind pepper, simply press and hold the button on the top of the unit.

Since it is electric, you can grind a large amount of pepper in an instant!

It is quite convenient to grind pepper even when one hand is occupied while cooking.

I felt that the greatest advantage of the electric pepper mill is that it can be easily handled with one hand.

There are types of manual mills that can grind with one hand!
>> One handed pepper mill is “One hand Cool Grinder”

As you can see in the video above, the Russell Hobbs electric mill has a light.

It may be easier to see when you are in the shadow due to the position of the light in your kitchen, or when you are sprinkling pepper on dark-colored items, In our house, on the contrary, the light makes it difficult to see and I felt it was a feature I did not need.

It is not possible to turn off the light, so please consider this carefully when buying.

The picture below shows the ground pepper with coarseness adjustment.

Some mills make pepper extremely coarse, but the Russell Hobbs electric mill is not that coarse, even at its coarsest.

If you want to slowly transfer the flavor of pepper to a stewed dish, use a coarse grind, If you want to add a stronger flavor to the finished dish, grind it to a powder!

It also makes a big difference in terms of texture and pungency.

The coarser the powder is ground, the more crispy the texture and the stronger the pungency can be tasted, so it is interesting to adjust the coarseness of the pepper as you cook.

Reviews of the electric mill Russell Hobbs

Good reviews

I use black pepper a lot but had been manually grinding it.

When I grabbed it with both hands while cooking, it inevitably got wet or dirty, and it was stressful to have to stop cooking and wipe it with a tissue each time.

I thought it would be easier with an electric grinder, but I thought of manually grinding it while it was available.

It finally broke, so I took the plunge and went electric.
I can use it quickly with one hand, it doesn’t get dirty, it doesn’t require much effort, and honestly, it’s the best.

The electricity turns on while the mill is in use, which is also convenient as it allows the user to clearly see the amount of food that has been fed into the mill.


I tried many different types, including expensive ones, but I ended up with this electric mill that can be used with one hand.The electric one definitely has a stronger aroma and better tongue feel.The point that it can be used even when one hand is occupied is also great.LEDライトは使わないと思ってましたが、削った量もすぐに確認できる為必要である事が分かりました。


I put rock salt in it. It is very easy to use, stylish, and I love it.


After all, many reviewers say the convenience of the electric mill’s ability to grind quickly with one hand.

Another feature of Russell Hobbs is that the design is stylish.

Personally, I thought the light was hard to see, but many people said it was convenient to see the amount ground with the light, so I guess it depends on the environment of your kitchen and the color of the ingredients.

Bad reviews

I have a slight limitation in my hands, so it’s great.
The only thing I would like is for it to be a little more stable when stored in the stand.


The clear plastic saucer is convenient and unobtrusive, but it is so light that it slips and falls off the shelf if you are not careful. It would have been better if it had a non-slip surface.


I saw a few evaluations that the stand is not so good. I agree.

I wish it were a little sturdier.

What is the new “Russell Hobbs Mini” model? What’s the difference? Which one is better?

In 2022, a new model, the “Russell Hobbs Mini,” was introduced, which is also very popular!


The differences from the type introduced above (called the normal type) are described below.

■ Regarding size and weight
The new model is smaller in size and lighter in weight.

This means that the amount of pepper or salt that can be put in is smaller.

Normal TypeMini Type
SizeHeight 9.06inch
Width 2.36inch
Height 7.28inch
Width 1.38inch
atteryAA battery x 4 pcs.AAA batteries x 4 pcs.

■About the saucer
The shape of the saucer is very different.

The regular type was plastic, but the mini type is made of wood.


■About the coarseness adjustment function
Both types have a coarseness adjustment function. The normal type is adjusted by twisting the side knob, while the mini type is adjusted by twisting the knob on the bottom.

As for ease of adjustment, the normal type is easier to adjust without turning the unit over.


■About the light function
The normal type has a light function, but the mini type does not.

■Normal type or mini type?
The following is a summary of what we have explained so far.

<People for whom the normal type is recommended>
– Want to fill a lot of pepper (salt).
– Want to adjust the coarseness easily.
– Want a light function.

<People for whom we recommend the mini type>
– Want a lightweight and compact design.
– It is important to have a stable saucer.

Then, plus taking into account your likes and dislikes of the appearance, please decide which one is right for you!


We introduced Russel Hobbs Electric Pepper & Salt Mill.

Not only can you enjoy aromatic pepper, but you can grind pepper easily and instantly with one hand, reducing stress during cooking.