Peugeot’s wooden pepper mill is stylish

Pepper is an essential seasoning for cooking and is used frequently in every household.

Powdered pepper sold in ground form is convenient because it can be sprinkled on quickly, but it loses much of its flavor*.

On the other hand, if you buy whole pepper and grind it in a pepper mill, it takes a little more time, but the flavor is definitely better.

The use of a pepper mill is recommended because it is an easy way to improve the flavor and aroma of everyday dishes!

This time, we would like to introduce Peugeot pepper mill among such pepper mills.

They are well received for their luxurious appearance and look stylish just by placing them in the kitchen or on the dining table!

This product is also popular as a gift!

Many may find this surprising, but it is the same manufacturer as Peugeot, which is famous for its cars.

Originally, they were making pepper mills before they started making cars.

*About the flavor of pepper
The components that give pepper its flavor are volatile, so ground, powdered pepper loses much of its flavor over time, The flavor of ground and powdered pepper can be lost over time.

Features of Peugeot’s wooden pepper mill

Size: approx. 5.1inch high, approx. 2.2inch wide

The main unit is made of wood and has a luxurious feel.

The coarseness can be adjusted by turning the screw on the top of the main unit.
(Turn clockwise to make it finer and counterclockwise to make it coarser.)

The screw looks stylish and nice.

To refill the pepper, loosen the top screw and disassemble the pepper as shown in the photo.

Comfort of using Peugeot’s wooden pepper mill

To grind pepper, rotate and grind as shown in the video below.

The round part that twists when grinding is a little difficult to hold, but even if you grind only a small amount, you can still smell the pepper’s good aroma!

The picture below shows the pepper ground while adjusting the coarseness.

You can easily adjust from powder to coarse grind and use it for various dishes!

If you want to transfer the pepper flavor slowly, such as in stewed dishes, coarsely ground pepper is recommended, and if you want to add a stronger aroma to the finished dish, powdered ground pepper is recommended!

It also makes a big difference with regard to texture and pungency.

The more coarsely ground, the crispier the texture and stronger the pungency, so it is fun to cook while adjusting the coarseness in various ways!

Reviews of Peugeot’s wooden pepper mill

Peugeot pepper mills were also highly rated for their good looks!

They also seem to be well received as gifts!

I found a Peugeot pepper mill in a catalog gift and got it.
Why Peugeot? I wondered why Peugeot was originally a mill maker, and they are still famous today.
It is massive, heavy, and cool!

Resource: twitter — こみ (@komi2580) October 23, 2020

A friend gave me a Peugeot pepper mill as a birthday present. Cool …… (swoon)

Resource: twitter — 風のさざめき (@sazameki) January 5, 2020

On the other hand, bad reviews indicated that the coarseness adjustment was difficult because there were no guidelines and it was done by feel.

As for adjusting the knob, I rely completely on my senses. When I adjust the knob, I tighten it completely.

Then I loosen it while counting the number of turns. Therefore, I think the coarseness adjustment is a little rough.


We have introduced the Peugeot pepper mill.

If you are looking for something that not only grinds pepper easily, but also looks good, this is the one for you.

It is stylish and luxurious, so it will look great even if you just put it on the table!

It is also popular as a gift!