Easy to peel potatoes! How to use a vertical peeler and the difference between a horizontal peeler and a vertical peeler!

Did you know that there are two types of peelers used for peeling vegetables: vertical and horizontal, as shown in the picture below?

Many people are familiar with the horizontal type peeler, but many are unfamiliar with the features and usage of the vertical type peeler.

In fact, this vertical peeler is quite convenient because it can peel the skin in a variety of ways that horizontal peelers cannot!

There are also safer peeling methods that reduce the possibility of cutting your hands, so it is recommended for those who tend to injure themselves with peelers!

In this issue, we would like to introduce how to use a vertical peeler, the difference between a horizontal peeler and a vertical peeler, and our recommended vertical peeler.

How to use a vertical peeler and how it differs from a horizontal peeler

We will show you how to use the vertical peeler, with the differences from the horizontal peeler.

As the name suggests, the vertical peeler has a vertical blade.

We will explain each of the three ways of use (vegetable peeling).

1) Easy to peel carrots! How to peel vegetables by moving the peeler from front to back

The direction of movement is opposite to that of the horizontal peeler.

This usage is recommended for peeling long, thin vegetables such as carrots.

By moving it quickly, the vegetable peels will fly away without getting caught in the gap between the blades, allowing you to peel vegetables at a high tempo.

The best way to hold the peeler is to hold it so that your index finger rests on the shaft above the blade, as shown in the picture below.

You may not know this until you hold it, but placing your index finger on the peeler’s shaft makes it much more stable and easier to operate.

It is a good idea to peel vegetables on a garbage bag or something similar, because if you let the vegetable peels fly all over the place, it will be difficult to clean up afterwards.

When peeling vegetables, it is recommended to hold the edge of the vegetable and peel it as shown in the picture below.

The hand-held portion cannot be peeled, so the vegetable must be inverted and peeled.

However, since peeling can be done without hands in the direction the peeler is traveling, the possibility of cutting one’s hands is considerably reduced.

The ability to peel safely is a key feature of the vertical peeler.

If you hold the vegetables as shown in the picture below, you can peel them from top to bottom at once, but this is not recommended because it increases the risk of cutting your hands.

Vertical peelers tend to move faster than horizontal peelers, increasing the chance of injury.

2) How to use the peeler to peel vegetables by moving the peeler from back to front

You can also peel vegetables by moving the peeler from the back to the front like a horizontal peeler.

The risk of cutting your hand increases because your hand is in the direction the peeler is moving, but this peeling method is useful for peeling large round slices of radish, lotus root, etc.

3) Easy to peel potatoes! How to use the peeler by moving it as if you were peeling an apple with a knife

You can hold the peeler like a knife when peeling an apple and peel it.

I was able to peel potatoes without interruption!

As with the method (2), your fingers are in the direction of the blade, so you need to be very careful, but it is very useful for peeling round things such as apples and potatoes!

You can easily peel daikon radishes with this peeling method.

Recommended vertical peeler.

From here, we would like to introduce you to some of the hottest vertical peelers.

We will introduce you to peelers from OXO and Kai, which appear at the top of every peeler popularity ranking website and mail-order sites.

Recommended vertical peeler 1) OXO

OXO Vertical Peeler

<Size> Length: approx. 18 cm Width of blade: approx. 5 cm

<Weight> Approx. 60g

<Safety cover> Yes

This is the peeler that appeared in the description of the vertical peeler in the first half of this article!

The handle is thicker and easy to grip firmly.

Also, the handle is made of a material that is almost like rubber, so it does not slip.

A cover is provided to guard the blade for safe storage.

Check the sharpness of the OXO vertical peeler

As you can see from the video posted in the “How to use a vertical peeler” section above, the sharpness is quite good!

You can peel the peel with light force and feel good about it.

Check the comfort of using the sprouting of the OXO Vertical Peeler for bud removal.

The bud remover on Oxo’s vertical peeler is attached to the tip of the peeler.

To be honest, this bud remover is not very easy to use.

(The position of the bud remover makes it hard to control. The fact that the bud remover is not sharp also makes it difficult to use. And the bud remover is not sharp, which also makes it hard to use.)

With the OXO vertical peeler, it is better to use a knife to remove the buds!

Recommended Vertical Peeler 2) Kai

Kai vertical peeler

<Size> Length: approx. 17 cm Width of blade: approx. 5 cm

<Weight> Approx. 55g

<Safety cover> No

It is all stainless steel and has a stylish appearance.

The handle portion is curved and fits easily in the hand, though, I felt that the OXO is more comfortable to hold.

Check the sharpness of the Kai vertical peeler

As in the case of OXO, carrots, radishes, and potatoes were peeled.

<Peeling carrots and radishes>
The peel is thinner than with the OXO vertical peeler.

However, especially with carrots, the peels would frequently break in the middle or swing out and not peel.

We believe that the angle of the blade is shallow in order to peel the skin thinly.

As a result, it is difficult for the blade to penetrate into the food, and I think this causes the blade to strike out.

Also, the blade entry is shallow, so the width of the peel that can be peeled is narrower.

<Peeling potatoes>
Unlike carrots and radishes, potatoes were easy to peel!

We think the reason is that the skin of potato is soft, so it is easy to insert the blade.

We found it to be superior with regard to potato peeling, as it peels thinner than the OXO peeler.

Check the comfort of using the sprouting of the Kai Vertical Peeler for bud removal.

The bud remover is on the side of the handle.

(You can also remove the buds with the tip of the peeler, like an oxo peeler, but it is not as easy to do.)

The bud remover on the side of the handle is quite easy to use!

It feels like you are using the jaw of a knife to remove the buds.

Vertical Peeler Reviews.

Here are some reviews of vertical peelers.

Good Reviews

The most common good reviews were that it was easy to peel round items (potatoes, apples, etc.), that it peeled cleanly, and that it was hard to cut your hands.

Potatoes, apples, and other round things peel just like a knife!
And the result is more beautiful than with a knife.
And don’t underestimate the indentation on the tip of the potato to remove the sprouts, it comes off very cleanly and without waste!
Even peel vegetables that are not round.
The surface of the peeled vegetable is shiny because of its excellent sharpness.

Reference. Twitter— 柊 (@Syuu36) August 26, 2021

A vertical peeler is useful for peeling pears and apples.

Reference. Twitter— momocus (@momocus) August 18, 2021

Radish peeled with a vertical peeler is too beautiful.

Reference. Twitter— アキコ (@as101077) September 16, 2020

I have no fear of cutting my hand since I switched to a vertical peeler! Recommendation

Reference. Twitter— むぅみ🍑 (@muumi5) December 8, 2020

Bad review

On the other hand, the most common bad review was that it was difficult to use because it took some getting used to.

Vertical peeler, not sure how to use it and it can be infuriating. Should I know the angle at which it cuts?
The vertical peeler we have is tough to use with hands like peeling an apple whole, my wrists hurt. Is it the size?
I won’t know until I try it.

Reference. Twitter— まちかん (@machcan) September 2, 2020

Vertical peeler, surprisingly difficult to use.
I guess it takes some getting used to.

Reference. Twitter— クルマ ダンヨシ (@Rockjoma35000) January 7, 2018


We have introduced how to use a vertical peeler and recommended products.

We hope you have learned that, unlike horizontal peelers, vertical peelers can be used in a variety of ways.

It is also nice to know that there is a safe way to peel the skin.

Below is a summary of the vertical peelers (OXO and Kai) we have introduced.

Personally, I definitely recommend the OXO vertical peeler because it is easy to peel any vegetable and has a handle that fits everyone’s hand!

<OXO Vertical peeler>
Very Good

– Easy to peel any vegetable with good sharpness.(Easy to handle even for beginners!)

– The handle is non-slip and easy to grip.
– The cover makes it safe to store.
– Price is lower than that of Kaijirushi

Not Good
– The bud remover is not easy to use.

<Kai Vertical Peeler>
– Peels thinner than an oxo peeler
– Easy to use bud remover

Not Good
– Good sharpness, but some vegetables are difficult to peel (especially carrots)