Shredded cabbage with Kai wide peeler! Easy to julienne with light force!

In this issue, we will introduce the features, usage, and reviews of the Kai wide peeler whose wide size makes cabbage slicing easy.

By using a peeler or slicer, you can cut cabbage into uniformly thin strips more easily than with a knife!

You can make fluffy cabbage slices at home, just like at the store!

Features of KAI’s cabbage peeler “Wide Peeler”

Size: approx. 7.9inch x 3.9inch Width of blade: approx. 3.1inch

Compared to a typical peeler, the blade is about 1.5 to 2 times wider, enabling efficient shredding even of large cabbage.

Also, the blade is slightly slanted, which makes it easier for the blade to enter the vegetable and cut smoothly.

The handle is oval-shaped, so I felt it fit my hand easily when I held it!

The peeler is made of all stainless steel, and its handle is heavier than that of plastic peelers, which makes it easier to transmit power to the cutting surface and stably shred cabbage with light force.

Also, as shown in the picture below, the hooks have holes in the structure, so it is convenient to choose a storage method that suits your home.

How to use Kai’s cabbage peeler “Wide Peeler”

It is easier to do this if you cut the cabbage in half and shred it avoiding the core.

This is because the hard core is difficult for the blade to catch and slide.

If you try to force the blade to cut through the hard part, you will need to apply a lot of force, which will also cause splattering.

As shown in the picture below, you can shred cabbage with less scattering by shaving the corners of the cabbage with the blade.

It is sharp and can be easily shredded as long as you avoid the hard parts!

The finished product looks like this.

It was easy to make shredded cabbage with a fluffy finish!

Regarding the word of mouth about cabbage splattering.

When I read reviews of the wide cabbage peeler, I often read that the cabbage splatters, making cleanup difficult!

The reason for the scattering is probably due to the fact that you are cutting along the cross section of the cabbage as shown in the video below.

If you try to cut along the cross section, the blade will easily hit the hard core, causing it to scatter.

If you try to cut along the cross section, the blade is more likely to hit the hard core, which can cause splatter.

Reviews of Kai’s cabbage peeler “Wide Peeler”!

We surveyed the reviews of buyers and found that the most frequently cited good evaluations were, “Good sharpness,” “Wide enough to cut a lot,” and “Fluffy and tasty.

The cutting portion is slanted, making it easy to cut.

What’s more, it cuts wonderfully thin.

I used to use one I bought at a 100-yen store, but I didn’t think it would be this different.

It is just like the cabbage strips you get at a tonkatsu restaurant.


I didn’t find the 100 yen one inconvenient either, I was surprised when I used this one.

It is not sharpened by force, but is indeed “cut” thinly.

The cross section is also very beautiful.


I used to use a regular peeler instead, but it was quite time consuming, I bought a wide peeler to try and it is so much easier.

My husband also said, “This is great! and makes cabbage slices.


On the other hand, the most common bad evaluation was that “the cabbage splatters.”

As for splattering, as explained above, it can be reduced considerably by cutting the cabbage so as to shave the corners of the cabbage instead of cutting along the cross section of the cabbage, so please give it a try.

I bought this to eat vinegared cabbage on a daily basis. It produces fluffy, uniform julienne.

However, there are quite a few small pieces flying around while working.


We introduced the KAI Wide Peeler.

You can easily make shredded cabbage with a fluffy finish!

The handle is easy to grip, and the fact that it can stably shred cabbage with light force is also highly rated!