Includes how to use and reviews of OXO Salad Spinner! Useful for draining vegetables!

In this issue, we introduce the features, usage, and reviews of OXO’s salad spinner, which is useful for draining vegetables!

How do you drain cut vegetables?

Many of you probably drain vegetables by putting them in a colander to drain off the water, or by shaking the vegetables themselves.

I also used to drain vegetables in this way, but it is surprisingly difficult to drain.

This often resulted in the dressing not mixing well with the salad, or in the dressing being diluted by the water.

I would like to recommend a salad spinner to those who have this problem!

This spinner can drain water moderately, so you can make tasty salads with dressing that blends well with the vegetables while keeping them fresh.

The OXO Salad Spinner (large size) is especially recommended for the following uses.

  • If you have a large family (5 or more people) and want to drain a large amount of cut vegetables at one time
  • If you want to drain and prepare a lot of cut vegetables at once

*On the other hand, if your family is small and you don’t make and leave dishes, a small size salad spinner will suffice.

Let’s take a look at the features, usage, and review ratings of OXO’s salad spinner (large size).

Recommended for draining vegetables! OXO Salad Spinner Features

[Size] Width: 10.6 inch Height: 6.1 inch

Structure of Salad Spinner

The OXO salad spinner consists of a bowl, colander, and lid.

The following video shows the actual use of the salad spinner.

It is easy to use. By pushing in the knob in the middle of the lid, the colander rotates to drain vegetables.

After draining, the rotation can be stopped by pressing the small button on the lid.

The brake is very effective, so you can stop it right away.

The bottom of the bowl has a non-slip surface for stable draining.

With the knob pushed in, the knob can be secured by sliding the lever shown in the picture below.

This makes the lid flat and allows objects to be placed on top when storing.

How to use the OXO Salad Spinner! Drain vegetables for salad

First, drain the lettuce, a salad staple!

Since the bowl and colander can be separated, you can put cut lettuce in the colander and wash it under running water.

It is convenient because you can put the lettuce directly into the bowl after washing.

Close the lid and rotate it!

I think 10-15 seconds of spinning is enough.

After spinning, you can see that the vegetables have been drained by the many droplets of water on the sides of the bowl.

When the colander is removed, there is quite a bit of water in the bottom of the bowl!

The picture below shows the lettuce before and after draining.

It is a little hard to see, but before draining, large droplets of water are everywhere.

After draining, the large droplets are removed and only fine droplets remain.

The result is not a condition where water droplets can be wiped off with kitchen paper, but rather a moderate amount of water droplets remain!

When I filled the salad spinner (large size) to the brim with lettuce and drained it, it produced about 4 cups of the dish (about 18 cm in diameter, enough for 2 servings) shown in the picture below.

You can store the extra in the salad spinner container, though, Because of their large size and the space they take up in the refrigerator, it is recommended that they be stored in a airtight bag or similar container!

Recommended for draining shredded cabbage!

Salad spinners are also recommended for draining shredded cabbage!

I was worried that the cabbage would come out through the gaps in the colander, but I was able to drain the cabbage with very little coming out!

The excess water is also well separated.

Like lettuce, it is very convenient to store in an airtight bag for easy removal at any time!

OXO Salad Spinner Review

Here are some reviews from buyers of the OXO Salad Spinner.

<Evaluations common to size large and small>
The most common evaluations for both large and small sizes were “salad tastes better,” “high stability when spinning,” and “easy because the colander spins just by pushing.”

It turns out that the reason our leafy salads are so bad is the way they are drained.
Wiping them with kitchen paper broke the fibers and made them soggy.
We used to cover it up by chilling it, but it is totally different from vegetables drained in a salad spinner.
It takes up a lot of space, but I should have bought it sooner.


I have used another salad spinner before, but this one was very easy to spin by just pushing the knob. (I had to manually turn the handle on the previous one.)
The drained salad was very tasty.


I was looking for a newer model of spinner and came across this one!
It is very easy to use. The body does not slip and it is easy to put force into spinning.


<Evaluation of Size Large>
Although there are some word-of-mouth comments that the size large requires more space, we got the impression that many people find more value in being able to drain a large number of vegetables at once.

I bought the larger one because I eat a lot of salad.
It takes up a lot of space, but I can drain a bunch of sunny lettuce at once, and I was right in choosing the larger size.
I use the container of the salad spinner as a salad bowl on the table.


The smaller salad spinner could not wash so many vegetables, so I bought this larger size one. As I expected, it is bigger and takes more space for storage, but it is good to be able to wash and drain many vegetables at once! I would rather have a large one than a small one!


<Evaluation of Size Small>
While many evaluated that they were happy with the size of the small size, which they could put in the refrigerator, there were a few complaints that it did not hold many vegetables.

I was looking for a size that would fit in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and liked the design. I was not sure about the size, but considering that I always keep salads in the refrigerator, I am glad I chose the small size. I will enjoy making salads more and more from now on.


I bought the small one after wondering about the large one. I had seen the size of the bowl at another store, but pushing the knob means that there has to be room for the pressed part to fit underneath, and I don’t think it holds too many vegetables because of that.



We introduced the features, usage, and reviews of OXO’s salad spinner.

It’s great that you can easily make your salads tastier with just one simple step of draining the water thoroughly!

You can also save money by reducing the amount of dressing you use!