OXO silicone turner and stainless steel turner! Highly recommended for their high heat resistance temperature!

In this issue, we will introduce our recommendations for silicon and stainless steel frying turners.

Fry returns are useful for various cooking tasks such as pancakes and fried eggs, but have you ever experienced any of the following complaints?

  • Melts or deforms with heat
  • Difficult to get under food
  • Afraid of damaging the pan

For those who have these complaints, we recommend OXO’s silicone and stainless steel turners!

The advantages of using OXO’s silicone and stainless steel turners are as follows.

<Silicon Turner>
– Highly heat-resistant, so there is little worry about melting under heat!

– Thin and flexible, so it can be easily placed under food!

– It is softer than metal, so it won’t damage pans!

<Stainless Steel Turner>
No need to worry about melting due to heat during cooking!

– Thin and flexible, so it is easy to put under food!

– It is also flexible, so it is difficult to damage the pan!

Let us introduce the detailed features and usability of OXO’s silicon and stainless steel turners!

Silicon turner: Less risk of melting and damaging the pan!

Heat resistance temperature and size of OXO silicon turner

[Heat resistance temperature]
Silicon part: 536℉
handle part: 248℉

[Length] 10.8inch

Highly flexible!

Silicon is a highly flexible material.

When pressed against the pan, it can adhere snugly to the pan surface, making it easy to get under the food.

Looking at this alone, you might think it is too soft and difficult to use, but that is okay!

The head is not made of silicon alone, but has a thin stainless steel plate embedded in it, making it not only flexible but also durable.

You can rest assured that even if you lift a heavy item such as a hamburger steak, the turner will not become stiff and difficult to use.

High heat resistance temperature!

Another important feature of silicon turners is their high heat resistance temperature (536℉).

Along with silicone, nylon turners are also often used, but their heat resistance temperature is lower than silicone at about 392℉.

Even a nylon turner will not melt under heat immediately, but there is a high possibility that the tip will gradually melt after repeated use.

The picture below shows a nylon turner that has been used in our home.
You can see that the tip has melted and become bumpy.

In contrast, silicon turners have a low risk of melting (*) and can be used safely for a long period of time!

* Be careful not to use it in such a way as to leave it on a hot pan, as it may melt.

The ease of holding is also GOOD!

The handle is made of a rubber-like material that is non-slip and easy to hold!

There are many cookware made by OXO, but many of them are easy to hold and use due to their shape and materials.

Check the usability of the silicon turner!

Lifting a classic fried egg or hamburger steak is a breeze!

Even when the pan is full of food, it is easy to get the turner into tight crevices thanks to the flexibility of the turner.

To see the difference from a common turner, the following movie shows a comparison using a yam that is hard to turn over.

1.Common turner

2.OXO silicone turner

When using a common turner, I struggled to get under the yams, but with the silicon turner I was able to scoop them out with ease!

Stainless steel turner: No worries about melting! Thin and flexible!

Many people are attracted to the unique metal texture and appearance of stainless steel turners!

But at the same time, there are probably many people who would like to use them but are hesitant to buy them because they are worried about damaging their pans.

For those people, we would like to recommend the stainless steel soft turner made by OXO.

Heat resistance temperature and size of OXO stainless steel turner

[Heat resistance temperature]
Stainless steel part:
No worry about melting (stainless steel has a heat resistance temperature of at least 932℉)
handle part: 248℉

[Length] 10.8inch

Thin and flexible!

The stainless steel of the head is very thin, making it easy to get under food.

This thinness also makes the fry pan flexible.

The turner is flexible so the turner tip is hard to damage the pan!

OXO’s stainless steel turner is less likely to damage pans than ordinary stainless steel turners thanks to its bendiness, but there is still a possibility of damaging pans if it is used incorrectly.

If you really do not want to take the risk of damaging the pan, we recommend a silicon turner.

Silicon is a softer material than metal, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the pan even if you use it roughly!

The head of the turner is not flat but gently curved so that it flexes only in one direction.

Since it does not bend in the direction where weight is applied from top to bottom, it is safe to put food on it.

High heat resistance temperature!

Stainless steel, a metal, has a much higher heat resistance temperature than nylon (about 392℉) or silicon (about 536℉), which is said to be at least 932℉.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about stainless steel turners melting in normal cooking.

The ease of holding is also GOOD!

Like the silicon turner, the handle is made of a rubber-like material, making it non-slip and easy to hold!

Check the usability of the stainless steel turner!

Like the silicon turner, the turner is easy to get into tight crevices thanks to its flexibility.

The following movie compares the usability of the turner using a yam that is difficult to flip over.

I was able to scoop with ease and realized that the thin head construction of the turner was quite effective!


We have introduced the silicon turner and stainless steel turner from OXO.

We would like you to use this turner for foods that you have had a hard time scooping with a turner!

You will be able to feel the difference in ease of use.