Stylish and Useful OXO Kitchen Tools Recommendations!

Here are some of the most popular and recommended kitchen tools from OXO.

Many of them look stylish, have a sense of unity, and are excellent in terms of functionality, so there are many that we love to use in our home.

We recommend that you feel very good about cooking when you have a set of easy-to-use kitchen tools!

We have also included a link to an article introducing detailed features and comfort of use, so if you are interested, please check it out.

OXO’s useful kitchen tools #1: Turner

Silicon Turner

Turners are useful for making pancakes, fried eggs, hamburgers, etc., but have you ever had the following complaints?

  • Afraid of damaging the pan
  • Difficult to get under the food
  • Melts or deforms when heated

If you have these complaints, we recommend the OXO silicone turner!

The advantages of using an OXO silicon turner are as follows

・Silicon is a softer material than metal, so it will not damage the pan!

Also, OXO’s turner is thin and flexible, making it easy to place under food!

When pressed against the pan, it adheres snugly to the pan surface, making it easy to tuck under food.

・High heat resistance makes it difficult to melt and deform under heat!

The silicon turner’s high heat resistance (536℉) is another reason for its popularity.

The risk of melting is low even after long-term use, so it can be used safely for a long period of time!

(Reference) Click here for a detailed review of the OXO silicon turner!

Stainless steel turner

Nylon and silicon turners are often used for home use, but stainless steel turners are most recommended in that they can be used for a long time without worrying about melting.

Also, many people are attracted to the unique texture and appearance of metal!

But at the same time, there are probably many people who would like to use a stainless steel turner but are hesitant to buy one because they are worried about damaging the pan.

For those people, we would like to recommend Oxo’s stainless steel soft turner!

The most distinctive feature is its thinness.

Not only is it thin enough to easily get under food, but it is also flexible and pliable, It is also flexible and pliable, so it can be used to glide over the surface of the pan as if it were brushing the surface of the pan, making it less likely to damage the pan!

OXO’s useful kitchen tools #2: Whisk

The OXO Balloon Whisk is a popular whisk that is easy to grip and use!

It comes in two sizes, large and small.

The size small is popular by word of mouth, and is highly rated for its easy mixing and storage!

If you compare the tip of the Oxo whisk to a common whisk, you will notice that the wires do not overlap.

The lack of overlapping wires allows the ingredients to be mixed more efficiently and prevents dirt from accumulating!

OXO’s useful kitchen tools #3: Dressing bottles(shaker)

Do you find it frustrating to make dressing by putting ingredients in a bowl or measuring cup, because it is hard to mix or drips when pouring?

The OXO Dressing Shaker is easy to mix, pour, and drip less, making it a great choice for those experiencing the above stresses!

They are also convenient for making and storing larger quantities of your favorite homemade dressings!

The Oxo dressing shaker has the following features

・One-handed opening and closing of the lid

・When the spout is removed, the wide mouth makes it easy to wash.
(Can also be washed in a dishwasher)

・Resistant to leakage of contents even when shaken or knocked over

・No dripping after pouring dressing!
*Some care must be taken with thicker dressings with more oil.

The look of the dressing in it is quite stylish!

(Reference) Click here for a detailed review of the OXO Dressing Shaker!

OXO’s useful kitchen tools #4: Salad spinner

Because the salad spinner drains water appropriately, you can make a delicious salad that retains the freshness of the vegetables while allowing the dressing to mix well with the vegetables.

It is also convenient to drain a large amount of vegetables at a time for meal prep!

There are two sizes, large and small, and the following is a good guide to selecting the right size.

<Size large is recommended for the following people!>

  • Those who have a large family (5 or more people) and need to drain a large amount of cut vegetables at one time.
  • Those who want to drain a lot of cut vegetables at once and prep salads.

<Size Small is recommended for the following people!>

  • Those who have a small family and want to make fresh salads each time.

(Reference) Click here for a detailed review of the OXO Salad Spinner!

OXO’s useful kitchen tools #5: Silicone, nylon head tongs

Tongs are useful in a variety of situations, such as deep frying, stir-frying, and when serving pasta and salad.

The most popular of these tongs are those with a silicon or nylon head!

Silicon and nylon are softer than stainless steel and offer the following advantages.

  • Less likely to damage the pan during cooking
  • Does not easily crumble even when soft food is grabbed

The material, size, and comfort of the tongs are summarized below.

<The material of the tongs’ heads>
Silicon material is superior in terms of heat resistance temperature and gripping comfort, but its price is a little higher than that of nylon material. If you are willing to pay a higher price, we recommend the silicon material!

<The size of tongs>
We recommend the small size for dishes that take a long time to cook, so that your hands do not get tired.
For deep-frying and other dishes where oil tends to splash easily, we recommend the medium size.

<The comfort of using tongs of different materials>

  Silicon Nylon
Medium Small Medium Small
Stir-fry food good Very good good Very good
Spaghetti not good Very good not good Very good
Deep-fried food Very good not good good not good

[Impressions of using various types of tongs]
Stir-fry food:

Size small is recommended for those who value less hand fatigue, and size medium for those who want to stir-fry more ingredients efficiently.
There is little difference between silicon and nylon materials.

The size small is the easiest to grab spaghetti.
There is little difference between silicon and nylon materials.

Deep-fried food:
We recommend a silicon material that is easy to grip food.
And medium size is recommended for safer frying.

(Reference.) Click here for a detailed review of Oxo’s tongs!

OXO’s useful kitchen tools #6: Peeler

Among all the peelers from OXO, we especially recommend the Vertical Peeler, which is one of our most popular products.

Unlike the commonly used horizontal peeler, the peeler can be moved from front to back to peel the skin as shown in the movie below.

This use is especially recommended for peeling long, thin vegetables such as carrots and burdocks.

Since the peeler can be peeled without the hands in the direction of the peeler’s travel, the possibility of injury from cutting the hands is much reduced.

Also, potatoes, for example, can be peeled as you would peel an apple with a knife.

This one may look difficult at first glance, but after a practice or two, you will be able to peel it well.

When peeling potatoes with a knife, the peel can be quite thick depending on how hard you use it, but with a peeler, even if you use a little force, the peel will not be so thick!

OXO’s useful kitchen tools #7: Pepper mill

If you buy whole pepper and grind it in a pepper mill, it takes a little more time, but the flavor is definitely better.

The use of a pepper mill is recommended because it is an easy way to enhance the flavor and aroma of everyday dishes!

It is a convenient and stylish pepper mill that can not only grind pepper but also shake salt!

There is a hole in the top, so when shaking salt, turn it upside down as shown in the picture below.

The lower part is a mill to grind pepper.

The coarseness of the pepper can be adjusted in 5 steps by turning the knob on the side.

The picture below shows the pepper ground while adjusting the thickness.

It can be easily adjusted from powder to coarse grind and can be used for a variety of dishes.

It is easy to hold and grinds smoothly with light force!

OXO’s useful kitchen tools #8: Slicer

The OXO Slicer has the following features.

  • The wide width makes it easy to slice even large foods!
    The amount of food that can be sliced at one time is also large, so it makes short work of time.

  • It has a thickness adjustment function (1-4 mm), allowing for thin or thick slicing at will!
    It is rare to find a slicer that can slice thickly.

    It is useful for slicing vegetables for barbecue or BBQ, or for slicing tomatoes!

  • The handle is easy to grip and highly stable when slicing!
    The handle and the groove that hooks onto the bowl are made of non-slip material.

    Word of mouth also gives it high marks for stability when slicing!

Slice vegetables in thin and thick slices!

I have no complaints about the sharpness. You can slice both thin and thick slices comfortably!

First, slice the cabbage and onion into thin slices (1 mm).

The finished product is thick enough to leave a firm crisp texture.

Next is potatoes and zucchini cut into thick slices (4mm).

This will be useful when preparing vegetables that are a little thicker, such as BBQ vegetables.

The thick-slicing function is also useful for slicing tomatoes!

It will look stylish when used for salads and sandwiches!


We have introduced you to the kitchen tools of OXO.

Please make your daily cooking comfortable with these easy-to-use and stylish kitchen tools.