Cooking oil filter and storage! Easy with an oil pot

It is a waste to throw away cooking oil after one use, so you want to reuse it!

For those who are interested, we would like to introduce an oil pot that can store and reuse cooking oil/frying oil.

Cooking oil filter and storage! Easy with an oil pot

We recommend the use of an oil pot (filter type) to store and reuse fried oil cleanly!


Filter-type oil pots have the following good points.

  • Excellent filtration function keeps fried oil clean and can be used repeatedly (*)
    →After purchasing the oil pot, our family has considerably reduced the amount of oil we have to throw away.

    Also, we can now enjoy deep frying meat and fish at any time because the oil pot filters out dirt and odors even when frying meat and fish!

  • Easy post-processing even when using a large amount of oil for deep frying
    If you have an oil pot, simply pour oil into the pot to finish the post-processing!

  • Easy Storage
    Because the oil pot is light-shielded, it can be stored at room temperature after filtration, with no hassle!

(*) What is the standard for discarding oil?

Even though you have used an oil pot, used oil cannot be used over and over again indefinitely.

When the fried oil reaches the state shown below, it should be discarded.

  • Bad smell from oil.
  • Oil feels sticky.
  • Heating oil to about 180°C produces smoke.
  • Bubbles easily form and are difficult to dissipate when oil is heated

Cooking oil filter and storage! Oil pot features

Let me explain a little more about filter type oil pots.

Regarding the filtration method, basically, as shown in the picture below, a net and a filter are used for double filtration.

This allows for efficient cleaning of large oil scum and small dirt particles that cannot be seen.

To use, simply pour oil over the net and wait for the filtration to complete.

Filters need to be replaced after several uses, so there is some running cost.


We have shown you how to use an oil pot to keep your oil clean and reused.

Since we purchased the oil pot, we have gone from deep frying once every few months to once every two weeks, which is much more frequent!

We recommend that you have an oil pot with a filter function, as it makes it much easier to clean and store the oil after frying!