Recommended for bottles for homemade dressings! OXO dressing bottle

When you make dressing by putting ingredients in a bowl or measuring cup, do you find it difficult to mix or frustrating to pour because of dripping?

We recommend the Dressing Bottle for those who experience the above stresses because it is easy to mix and pour!

They are also convenient for making and storing larger amounts of your favorite homemade dressings!

If you are interested in a dressing bottle but want to get one as inexpensively as possible, you may be considering inexpensive products that you can buy at a $1 store.

Therefore, we will introduce the OXO Dressing Bottle by comparing its usability with that of inexpensive dressing bottles purchased for 100 yen.

Features and usability of inexpensive dressing bottles

Dressing bottles purchased at the Japanese 100 yen store Daiso were used.

It is a very simple design.

<Basic Information>
Capacity: 290ml
Material: Plastic
Size: Approx. 2.2inch x 2.4inch x 5.8inch

The lid is shown in the picture below.

It closes quite firmly, so much so that it requires a little force when opening and closing.

This is reassuring in that it seems to be spill-proof even if it falls over.

However, because it requires a little force, it is difficult to open and close with one hand.

The spout can be removed by spinning it around.

The lid is uneven and difficult to wash. (The following picture shows the removed lid turned upside down.)

Also, the bottle is originally long and narrow, and the entrance is even narrower, so it is not possible to put your hand in until you put your hand on the bottle.

A sponge might fit into the bottle if pushed in, but it is difficult to clean the corners of the bottle, so a thin sponge for bottles would be necessary to wash the bottle properly.

Inexpensive, but not easy to use.

I actually made the dressing.

It comes with recipes for Japanese dressing and onion dressing as shown below.

These bottles are convenient because the dressing can be completed by adding seasonings in order according to the scale.

The lid snaps into place so the contents will not leak even if the container is shaken or knocked over, but it is not hermetically sealed and cannot be stored on its side.

Also, when we actually tried pouring it over a salad, we were able to do so without any dripping.

Immediately after applying the dressing

As a dressing bottle, it is relatively easy to use in terms of making, pouring, and storing dressing.

However, the difficulty of washing it may be a bottleneck.

Dressing often contains oil, so you want to wash it properly with detergent, but the shape of both the body and lid make it difficult to use a sponge, and since it is not dishwasher-safe, you cannot wash every inch of the bottle.

If you want to use the dressing bottle for a long time, it is hard to recommend an inexpensive product.

Features and usability of OXO dressing bottles(shaker)

[Basic Information]
Capacity: 200ml
Material: Plastic
Size: Width: approx. 2.8inch, Height: approx. 6.7inch

<About opening and closing the lid>

As shown in the picture below, the lid can be opened by tilting it down.

It is quite easy to open and close the lid, as it can be done with a single finger.

Because the lid is easy to open and close, this dressing shaker can also be used as a seasoning container!

Even if one hand is occupied while cooking, you can open the lid with one hand and put in the seasoning with the other.

<About the ease of washing>

The spout can be removed by spinning it around.

Many people find it difficult to get a sponge into a slim shape or one that is narrower with a squeezed top when washing, However, the wide mouth of the OXO dressing shaker makes it easy to wash all the way to the bottom!

And, it is also dishwasher safe.

I actually made the dressing.

As shown in the picture below, there are scale markings, so there is no need to measure with measuring cups or the like in advance, and seasonings can be added directly.

The wide mouth also makes it easy to add seasonings!

The homemade dressing is ready!

It looks quite stylish!

Leakage and dripping

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, basically, the contents are not likely to leak even if the container is shaken or knocked over.

Especially for light dressings with little oil, there is almost no risk of leakage or dripping!

As long as the lid is properly closed, there is no leakage even if the container is tilted at an angle as shown in the picture below.

There is no leakage even when the bottle is shaken rather vigorously, and there is almost no dripping after pouring.

Even when soy sauce or other seasonings are added, there is virtually no worry about dripping, so cooking can be done without stress!

However, when you put in a thick dressing with a lot of oil, it will be prone to leakage.

This is because the oil bites into the lid when it is closed, which reduces the seal and makes it easy to leak.

If you put a dressing with a lot of oil in it, you can use it without leaking by shaking it while holding the lid with your finger!

Dressings with more oil will also drip a little, as shown in the picture below, so it is necessary to wipe off the drippings after use.


We have explained the ease of use and workmanship of the inexpensive dressing bottles, comparing them to the Oxo dressing shakers.

As a review, a summary is provided.

inexpensive bottleOXO’s bottle
Easy to open and closeGoodVery Good!
Ease of washingBadVery Good!
Easy to makeGoodGood
Dripping from the bottleVery Good!Good

Since many dressings use oil, the difficulty of washing inexpensive dressing bottles is fatal.

In this regard, the OXO is easy to wash with a sponge and dishwasher-safe, so it is worth the price tag.

You can buy inexpensive bottle as a trial dressing bottle, but if you are looking for a dressing bottle for long-term use, we recommend the OXO dressing shaker!