KAI slicer (cookware) set! Convenient for slicing and shredding vegetables

In this issue, we will introduce how to use and review slicer (cookware) sets made by Kaijirushi, a well-known Japanese cutlery manufacturer.

We will introduce the following two slicer sets.

1. SELECT100 DH3027
This slicer set is from the popular “SELECT100” series from KAI.

2. DH7076
This slicer (cookware) set features a compact size with small length and width.

Here are the features and reviews of each slicer set.

KAI Slicer (Cookware) Set: (1) DH3027 (SELECT100)

Many of SELECT100’s products have high word-of-mouth ratings, and many of them are easy to use and of high quality when actually used!

The cookware sets introduced here are also easy to use, and we are quite satisfied with them!

If you are having trouble choosing among the many cookware sets available, I think you can’t go wrong if you choose SELECT100.

Basic information on DH3027 (SELECT100)

– Contents: Slicer / Grater and Strainer / Shredder / Fine shredder / Safety holder

– Size: Length approx. 11 inch, Width approx. 3.5 inch
*Size of slicer / grater / shredder / fine shredder

The lid of the case has four convexities as shown in the picture below.

It is convenient because a slicer can be fixed on this part and can be used as a receptacle for cut vegetables!

The set slicer is secured in four places so it will not shift, and the bottom of the case has a non-slip surface, so it is definitely easier than using it on top of a bowl, for example!

How to use DH3027 (SELECT100) and how easy it is to use

We checked the usability of each cooker.


We tried slicing onions and cucumbers.

They cut well, but seemed a little thick, about 0.06 inch thick.

Grater and Strainer

The bottom of the saucer has a convex surface to hold the strainer in place.

The strainer is useful for easily separating excess water from grated vegetables and fruits!

Perhaps because of the good angle of the jagged edges of the grater, even thick vegetables could be smoothly grated with almost no snagging!

Grated vegetables were caught in the strainer and excess water was well separated.

Shredder and Thin shredder

The fineness of shredded vegetables is about 0.08 inch with a shredder and about 0.04 inch with a thin shredder.

The shredder is useful because it can be used to prep a variety of vegetables, such as carrot shreds and potato shreds!

It can slice by pushing or pulling, which is considerably shorter than cutting with a knife and produces beautifully shaped shredded vegetables!

About After Use

After use, vegetables become caught in the blade as shown in the picture below, but can generally be removed by pulling by hand.

Most of the vegetables that were not removed can be removed by running them under running water.

If you still can’t remove them, carefully remove them by hand.

Washing with a sponge is not recommended because the sponge will be torn to pieces.

safety holder

The safety holder is very helpful in using the slicer safely and without injury.

We especially recommend its use when using a julienne slicer.

Even though the julienne slicer is very sharp, there is a lot of resistance when you put vegetables through the bumpy blade, and it requires a certain amount of force.

Looking at the reviews, we often see comments such as “I became afraid to use it because I slipped and injured my hand,” or “I became afraid to use it.

To avoid such injuries, we strongly recommend the use of safety holders!

Since the fear of cutting your hands is eliminated, you will be able to julienne much more quickly.

Also, since you can cut vegetables with very little left over, you don’t have to use a knife to cut the rest.

The safety holder is easy to use because of its solid handle!

The safety holder is very convenient because it allows you to safely slice vegetables to a thinness that would be impossible if you held them down by hand, as shown in the picture below!

Review of DH3027 (SELECT100)

Here are some reviews of DH3027 (SELECT100).

Good Reviews

Many of the good reviews were that vegetables that would be difficult to shred with a knife, such as carrots and burdocks, could be easily shredded!

We agree with this opinion.

We are happy that we can now easily make carrot salads and other dishes that we used to make less often because of the hassle of processing.

Since I bought a set of cookware containing various slicers from Kaijirushi, kinpira gobo has become a very familiar dish. It’s fast. Very fast! And easy! I live in a burdock growing area, so I want to eat a lot of burdocks!

Source :twitter — えりんぎ@膠原病のSLE歴20年 (@eryngiiiiii) February 16, 2021

I ended up getting a SELECT100 cookware set from Kaijirushi! I tried making carrot shiri shiri and the sharpness is just too good. I wonder if the housewives of the world have been using such convenient things until now…!

Source :twitter — ypg (@ypg) July 16, 2020

Bad Reviews

On the other hand, one of the bad reviews mentioned was that the size is large.

The case is a bit large, so be sure to check the size carefully.

The product works perfectly fine. Both the slicer and grater cut well.

However, the size was larger than expected and it was taller than expected, so it did not fit in my kitchen drawer…lol.

If you are concerned about storage space, we recommend that you check the size before purchasing.

>Size: 12 x 3.7 x 4.7 inch(when stored)


KAI Slicer (Cookware) Set: (2) DH7076(compact)

The main feature of this product is its small length and width and compact size.

It fits perfectly in a square case for easy storage!

Basic Information on DH7076 (Compact)

– Contents: Slicer / Grater / Shredder / Fine shredder / Safety holder

– Size: Length approx. 6.3 inch, Width approx. 3.1 inch
*Size of slicer / grater / shredder / fine shredder

Compared to the standard size cookware set (SELECT 100 DH3027), it is quite compact.

The corner of the lid is concave as shown in the picture below.

It is convenient to fix a slicer to this part and use it as a saucer for cut vegetables!

It is also non-slip at the bottom, so it is definitely easier than using it on a bowl or the like!

How to use DH7076 (Compact) and how easy it is to use

We checked the usability of each cooker.


The sharpness is quite good.

I tried slicing onions and cucumbers and was able to slice them quite thinly! (about 0.04 inch)

Onions seem to lose their pungency easily!

The blades are attached on both sides, so slicing can be done with both push and pull for speedy slicing.


When using the grater, be careful about the width of the vegetable to be grated.

If the width of the vegetable is about the same as the width of the grater, there is too much resistance when grating and I felt quite a bit of snagging.

Thick vegetables can be grated smoothly if they are cut into pieces about half the width of the grater!

Grated vegetables that retain a good amount of texture will be made.

It was easy to use the lid of the cookware set as a saucer for unloading, so there was no splattering.

Shredder and Thin shredder

There are two types of julienne cutters, fine and thick, and the one with the double row of thorny blades is for fine cutting.

When I shredded a carrot, I got a thickness of about 1.5 mm with the fine shredder and 3 mm with the thick shredder.

The blades hardly caught any carrots, which made post-processing very easy!

safety holder

I have used this product and found the handle to be a little difficult to hold due to its compact size.

As you can see in the picture below, it feels like grabbing it by the fingertips, so it was difficult to put effort into it.

Soft vegetables such as onions can be used without difficulty, but care must be taken with harder vegetables such as carrots.

If the carrots to be shredded are thick, considerable force is required, and the safety holder sometimes slips.

The same explanation as in the grater section applies, but by reducing the width of the carrot, the safety holder can now julienne the carrot smoothly without slipping!

If you find the safety holder slides around and makes it difficult to do, try cutting vegetables and adjusting the width as you use it.

As shown in the picture below, it is very convenient because you can safely slice the vegetables up to a much thinner thickness than would be possible by hand!

Review of DH7076

Here are some reviews of DH7076.

Good Reviews

The overwhelming majority of good reviews were about how compact and convenient they are to store!

I was looking for a compact product with a special storage case and found this product.
I was able to use it for grating, slicing, and julienne without any problems.
For the price, it can do all these things, which is enough for me. I will be able to use it for a long time.


The slicer blade is double-edged, so it can cut back and forth, cutting time and workload in half (previously used a single blade slicer)


Bad Reviews

On the other hand, many of the bad reviews were that the slicer felt too small for large vegetables such as daikon radishes.

For vegetables with large widths, it is easier to slice them in half before slicing.

A set of shredding, slicing, etc., storage case and saucer, this part is convenient enough.
The blade is sharp and the non-slip surface is convenient and problem-free.

Overall, it is compact and easy to store. I think it would be easier to use a larger one for cooking.


It felt a little small when doing larger items such as radishes and yams. Other carrots and cucumbers are fine.



These are the Kaijirushi slicer (cookware) sets along with their reviews and reputation.

A summary of each is provided below.

Summary of DH3027 (SELECT100)

The result is a little thicker
If you want thinner slices, you may want to use a slicer with adjustable thickness

<Grater and Strainer>
Even thick vegetables can be easily grated with light force, and the strainer can cut off water

<Shredder and Thin shredder>
Shredder can shred about 0.08 inch, Thin Shredder about 0.04 inch
・It is recommended to use a safety holder in conjunction with the safety holder

<Safety holder>
Easy to hold and use
Vegetables can be processed with little or no residue

Summary of DH7076

Can be sliced thinly
Slicing can be done by both push and pull, so it is speedy

・Pay attention to the width of the vegetables.
Cutting vegetables to about half the width of the grater makes it easier to do.

<Shredder and Thin shredder>
Shredder can shred about 0.12 inch, Thin Shredder about 0.06 inch
Vegetables are not easily caught in the spiky blade part

<Safety holder>
Small handle, a little difficult to hold
・When using on hard vegetables, use a smaller width of vegetable for easier holding.