Thinly slice cabbage and onion using a Japanese slicer!

In this issue, we introduce a handy slicer that can cut cabbage, onions, etc. into very thin slices.

By using a slicer, it is possible to slice so thinly that it is difficult for non-professionals to do so with a knife and obtain a fluffy texture!

The thinner you slice cabbage, the fluffier the texture you can enjoy when using it as a garnish for pork cutlets or as coleslaw.

As for slicing onions thinly, it is especially recommended when making onion salad, because the thinner the onion is sliced, the fluffier the texture becomes and the easier it is to remove the pungency.

In this issue, we will introduce the features and usability of Kyocera’s ceramic slicer and Benriner’s all-purpose vegetable cooker as recommended slicers that can slice onions thinly.

Both slicers are made by Japanese companies.

Recommended slicer for thinly slicing cabbage and onions #1 Kyocera

Features of Kyocera Ceramic Slicers

First, let us introduce the features of Kyocera’s slicers.

<Basic Information on Kyocera Ceramic Slicers>

Size: Length approx. 11inch/ Width approx. 3.5inch

Adjustable thickness: 0.02inch/ 0.05inch/ 0.08inch

Other: With safety holder

Most slicers made by other manufacturers can slice thinly, but only about 0.04inch while Kyocera’s slicer can slice 0.02inch.

This may seem like a difference of 0.02inch, but this 0.02inch difference makes a significant difference in the texture of the cabbage!

In addition, fine ceramic, the material of Kyocera slicer blades, has much higher hardness than the stainless steel used for ordinary slicer blades.

This means that the cutting edge is not easily worn away, and the sharpness of the blade can be maintained for a long period of time.

On the other hand, it is weak against impact, so care must be taken not to drop it.

The blade and blade portion may be stained with the color of vegetables, but it is bleachable, so it is safe to use even if it gets dirty.

The blade is designed to be hidden when stored for peace of mind!

Some slicer products have to be stored with the blade exposed, and it often happens that the user cuts his/her hand when removing the slicer.

With this slicer, however, by setting the thickness adjustment dial to “stored,” the plate is above the blade, reducing the risk of cutting your hand.

Slice cabbage and onion into very thin using a Kyocera slicer!

The picture below shows the result of thinly slicing cabbage and onion using a slicer set to 0.02inch thickness.

Just by looking at the picture, you can see that the slices are quite thin!

The texture of the food was also quite different from the 0.04inch thick slices, with a fluffier texture!

Recommended slicer for thinly slicing cabbage and onions #2 Benriner

Features of Benriner’s all-purpose vegetable cooker

Next, we introduce the features of Benriner’s slicer.

<Basic Information on Benriner’s all-purpose vegetable cooker>

Size: Length approx. 12.4inch/ Width approx. 3.5inch

Adjustable thickness: 0.01inch to 0.08inch
(Adjustable to desired thickness by turning the adjustment screw)

Other: With safety holder and three types of replaceable blades (comb blades) for shredding

The Benriner is a multifunctional cooker that can be used as both a julienne slicer and a slicer in a single unit, as well as a thickness adjuster!

The thickness adjustment is not a multi-step process like the Kyocera slicer introduced above, but can be fine-tuned by turning a screw.

When adjusted to produce the thinnest slices, the slicer produces ultra-thin slices of about 0.01inch!

When stored, like Kyocera’s slicer, the blade can be hidden for safety!

Slice cabbage and onion into very thin slices using a Benriner!

We used a Benriner to slice the slices just barely thick enough to be sliced or not sliced, while fine-tuning the thickness.

It may be a little hard to tell from the picture, but it is one step thinner than the Kyocera slicer.

The onions were sliced so ultra-thin that the underside was transparent, and the pungency was reduced!

As for the cabbage, I could not have tasted a fluffier texture!


We have introduced two types of slicers that we recommend for very thin slicing of vegetables.

This time we introduced thin slicing of cabbage and onions, but we also recommend slicing potatoes into thin strips to make potato chips!

They are crispy, light and very tasty!