How to peel tomato skin easily! Compare with hot water peeling

Peeled tomatoes have a nice texture when used in salads, and they also taste great when added to soups and other dishes.

There is a method of peeling tomatoes by soaking them in hot water and then peeling them, but it is a bit time-consuming.

The tomato peeler saves you the trouble of peeling tomatoes!

You can easily peel potatoes and other foods in the same way you peel potatoes and other foods, which saves a lot of time.

Since there is no need to soak them in hot water, there is no need to worry about them becoming watery.

In this article, we will introduce the use of the popular NONOJI and OXO peeler as a tomato peeler.

Features of NONOJI and OXO tomato peeler

First of all, there is a significant difference with respect to size.

The OXO is about the size of a regular peeler.

Secondly, the NONOJI has a jagged blade on only one side, whereas the OXO has jagged blades on both sides.

And the OXO has sharper jagged blades.

As for the non-blade parts, the OXO has a bud remover, and the NONOJI has a tomato stem remover.

Impressions of peeling tomatoes with NONOJI and OXO’s tomato peeler.

We actually peeled tomatoes to see how it felt to use it.

As a result, the OXO peeler was able to peel the tomatoes with less force.

We believe this is due to the fact that the jagged blade is sharper than that of the NONOJI peeler.

There is almost no difference in the condition of the peeled tomatoes after peeling, but the peels peeled with the OXO peeler are thinner than those peeled with the NONOJI peeler.

From the above, we felt that the peeler from OXO was superior when it came to peeling tomatoes.

Although the NONOJI peeler was a little inferior in terms of sharpness, it was excellent in removing the hefty part of the tomatoes.

We were able to cleanly remove the hefty part of the fruit with very little pulp on it.

As a comparison with the peeler, we also tried peeling tomatoes in hot water.
To peel tomatoes, follow the four steps below.
1) Make a criss-cross slit in the skin with a knife.
2) Soak the tomato in hot water for about 20 seconds.
3) Soak in cold water.
4) Peel by hand.

The peels peeled off smoothly and easily, and more thinly than with a peeler, but it still takes time and effort.

With the tomato peeler, we found it to be of great benefit because I could peel the tomatoes right out of the refrigerator.

OXO tomato peeler is also useful for peeling peaches!

OXO Tomato Peeler is useful for peeling peaches as well as tomatoes.

(*Nonoji’s tomato peeler did not peel tomatoes well.)

Even peaches that have ripened and become a little soft can be peeled beautifully!

The result looks delicious, too!


We have explained the features and comfort of the NONOJI and OXO tomato peelers.

Both of these peelers do not require hot water, so peeling tomatoes was considerably quicker and easier than peeling them in hot water.

The OXO peeler is particularly sharp and easy to peel with light force, and is highly recommended!

Below is a review of the OXO Tomato Peeler.

It peels really well. It peels tomatoes and kiwis very thinly.

I used to cut the skin in half and insert a special kiwi tool and turn it in a circular motion. It was a waste of time and effort because the skin peeled thickly.

This peeler can do it in one shot! However, the blade is jagged, so be careful not to injure yourself!


I used to peel tomatoes in hot water, but they always turned watery, so I only peeled enough to eat each time.

But with this product, I can peel tomatoes beautifully and they don’t turn watery, and I can store the peeled tomatoes in the refrigerator!


Tomatoes peeled with a peeler had a firmer texture than those peeled in hot water and tasted better.

The hot-peeled ones were slightly cooked and a little softer in texture.