Japanese apple peeler reviews! Pearl Metal Apple Peeler

Many people like apples and pears, but avoid buying them because they are too troublesome or scary to peel.

The Apple Peeler was created for such people!

(Although it has the word “apple” in the name, of course it can also peel pears, which are similar in shape to apples!)

With the Apple Peeler, you can peel an apple in just 10 seconds!

The Apple Peeler requires no tricks or familiarity because all you have to do is turn the handle, and anyone can easily peel apples.

As long as you follow the procedure, you can use it safely and without fear!

In this article, we will introduce the features and usability of the Pearl Metal Apple Peeler.

Reviewing the use of the Japanese Apple Peeler!

The Pearl Metal Apple Peeler is divided into three parts: body, handle, and blade, which are assembled together.

First, assemble the parts.

Stick the bottom of the apple firmly into the base of the stabbing pin.

While holding the peeler body by hand, turn the handle clockwise to peel the skin.

Although you may feel a snag occasionally, the peel can be peeled off cleanly without tearing the skin off.

(*) There is a suction cup attached to the base of the main unit, but the adhesive force is not that strong, so hold it firmly in place with your hand.

When you are done peeling, remove the blade first.

Although the instructions state, “Remove apples with care from the blade,” we recommend that the blade be removed first.

If you leave the blade attached, there is a high risk of cutting your hand when removing the apple from the peeler.

This is what the apples look like after they have been peeled.

The skin will remain on the top and bottom portion of the apple and must be removed with a knife.

However, since it is a small amount, we felt it was acceptable.

Next, we will observe the peeled peel.

It is quite difficult to cut the peel into a single piece with a knife, but I was able to easily peel them into a single piece using an apple peeler.

I was also satisfied with the thin peel.

After use, the peeler body and blade are simply rinsed with water for easy cleanup!

Introducing the Japanese Apple Peeler Review

Here are some reviews of the Apple Peeler.

Many of the good reviews were that it peels apples and pears quickly and is cost-effective!

I bought a pear peeler. It peels pears in no time and it’s easy!

I eat pears every day, so it’s handy to have one.

The peel remains a little if it’s not perfectly round, but it’s acceptable.

Source: twitter – いぶすき⛸️🍜🍓 (@mUoV2bdDLzH1zOH) August 28, 2021

I finally bought an apple peeler…too easy to peel!

Source: twitter — あ(″°,_°)む (@amukupipo) November 3, 2020

I bought an apple peeler. This is only 1,200 yen or God’s cooking utensil!

Source: twitter — 亜希 (@aki_tokimura) December 8, 2019

On the other hand, bad reviews were occasionally found that the blades cut their fingers when removing apples from the peeler.

We recommend removing the blade first before removing the apples to avoid a scary experience.

Removing apples from the peeler requires a lot of force and can be dangerous.
When I used the peeler right after purchasing it, I scraped my finger on the blade when removing an apple and cut it off roughly.



These are the introductions of Japanese Apple Peeler(Pearl Metal Apple Peeler).

We found it to be an excellent product because it can peel apples thinly, cleanly, and most importantly, in a fraction of the time.

With an apple peeler, peeling apples will no longer be a tedious/frightening task!

The peeling is uniform, so it looks beautiful.